How To Elasticate A Pole Top-Kit

A simple 'how-to' on elasticating a pole top-kit.


To carry out the job you will need the following;
•Super glue
•A hacksaw
•Permanent marker
•Diamond eye threader
•Elastic of your choice
•Pole top-kit


IMAG0307 How To Elasticate A Pole Top Kit

To begin, ensuring your bung is the correct diameter for your chosen elastic, you need to roughly gauge how much pole section to cut off so as to allow the bush to fit snugly inside or on to the pole tip. Line the bush up with the pole tip until you think it is roughly at the point where it will fit cleanly. You can always cut more kit away as opposed to adding it back on so do not be afraid of making a few cuts until you get it right. When you have reached the required length, lightly sand the tip with sandpaper and lightly chamfer the edge. Tightly roll a piece of sandpaper and clean out the inside edge too. Dab a small bit of super glue on to the tip and place the bush in to position.


IMAG0309 How To Elasticate A Pole Top Kit


Take the bung and insert it in to the end of the top-kit. Take the marker and mark the point where the 1st groove sticks out of the end. Now make a cut with the hacksaw 1 or 2 grooves above this mark so as the bung slides in to the top-kit about 4 inches or so.

IMAG0308 How To Elasticate A Pole Top Kit

Now put the top-kit together and get your elastic. For this article I elasticated a match top 3 kit with pink Daiwa Hydrolastic. This has a rating of 4-6. Take the diamond eye threader and thread it through all of the sections. Take the elastic and pull it through the crossover in the eye so as it is trapped in place. Pull the threader through the kit thus pulling the elastic through all the sections.


IMAG0310 How To Elasticate A Pole Top Kit


Take the end of the elastic and with an overhand knot, tie it on to the end of the bung. In this case a winder bung was used so excess elastic is wrapped around the bung and it is then pulled into the top-kit. You must now find the point at which the elastic has no need to retract in to the pole with the bung in place. Find the point where there is just enough stretch to allow the elastic to slip back inside. Wind on or off the required amount of elastic to make this happen. The point in question is where you need to attach the connector. Slide the connector sleeve and then the connector on to the elastic.

IMAG0311 How To Elasticate A Pole Top Kit


Tie an overhand knot in the elastic to attach the connector.


IMAG0312 How To Elasticate A Pole Top Kit

 Trim the knot and pull the sleeve over the connector so as to cover the knot and keep it all tidy.


IMAG0313 How To Elasticate A Pole Top Kit

The connector should lightly ping back to the bush without excessive force. The elastic can be slackened or tightened by extracting the bung and winding on or off the amount of elastic required.


IMAG0314 How To Elasticate A Pole Top Kit


I have since replaced all my connectors to Maver and Preston Dacron connectors. They help prevent tangles by keeping the line pushed out away from the tip and are also easier to attach rigs to once you get used to them.

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