How To Make A Pole Rig

A quick guide on how to tie your own pole float rig. Most shop bought pre-tied rigs are more than up to the job and are convenient more than anything else.

Knowing how to tie your own rigs will

1.Save you money
2.Allow you to tie a rig that suits your preferred style or venue
3.Allows you to use up bits you have from broken or tangled rigs


To go about tying your rig you will need the following

1.A pole float
2.Mainline to suit
3.Suitably sized shot
5.A rig winder
6.A pole float anchor (if the winder you are using has no slider)
7.A marker (or label maker)
8.Silicone tubing
9.A container of water (a large soft drink bottle or a spaghetti jar can be used)

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Start by taking your mainline and passing it through the eye of the float. Leave the line attached to the spool as you will need to slide the completed rig up the line to remove any line that gets damaged from pinching on shot. Take 3 cut pieces of silicone to fit the float stem. Cut 2 pieces short and the 3rd one needs to be twice as long as the others.


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Thread the silicone on to the stem in the order of 2 short then the long. Thread these on with the 1st piece at the base of the body, the 2nd piece half way down the stem and the long piece needs to be fixed half on and half off the end of the stem. This flexible piece helps prevent tangles.


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Calculate the capacity of the float you are using and attach the correct amount of shot to the section of line below the float.


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Test the rig inside the container of water and judge if you need to add or remove some shot. You are aiming to have the float sitting with the body below the surface of the water but without having too much tip submerged.


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When you are happy with the rig, slide the float and shot up the line enough to clear the line you have just worked with. This enables you to cut off any line that might have been damaged when pinching on the shot. Tie a loop in the end of the clean line and this can then be used to attach the hooklink or to attach the rig to the winder.


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Pull out enough line to allow you to fish the rig at the correct depth. Pull off a bit more than is needed just in case. Tie another loop in the end of the line and attach the completed rig to the winder.


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Now just label up the winder with the info need like
•Float size
•Mainline dia./strength
•Rig length
•Hooklink dia./hook size (if attached)

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