IADA 2011 Annual Report

IADA 2011 Annual Report


It's that time of year when all of the annual reports are released for review, big hitters like Facebook, Google and Microsoft have all worked their employees to the bone and everybody wants a simple break down of what they achieved during the past 12 months.

This year is no different, bar the introduction of the IADA 2011 Annual Report.


A few of the key points to note from the report are;

  • The inclusion of three of our prominent executive members on the National Angling Forum.
  • The successes of 5 legal challenges on behalf of our member clubs.
  • The assistance rendered to new clubs in areas of new development.
  • The rolling out of a National Biosecurity policy and awareness campaign
  • The Monumental development in Junior angling and schools programme with 12 schools now in receipt of junior academy certificates for their pupils in a first ever “Introduction to Angling Course” included in the out of hours curriculum under the tutelage of the I.A.D.A.
  • The establishment of an internationally recognised angling coaching scheme with ten level one coaches (Coarse Pike and Game) to be trained (4 day in-house course) and certified to coach in a safe and vetted environment at a total cost of €4000.
  • Launch of the final stage of the Muckno Development project which will in the spring of 2012 deliver a state of the art internationally approved centre of excellence for angling available to all anglers in the country irrespective of allegiance or discipline.
  • The establishment of a great working relationship with the statutory bodies involved with angling and Angling tourism on the Island of Ireland including I.F.I. Loughs Agency, Waterways Ireland, D.C.A.L, Failte Ireland, and the ESB.
  • The ongoing work in progress regarding our interaction with many bodies including An Garda Siochana, Coillte, immigrant liaison groups, E.P.A, PSNI, Court Services, Probation Services, Youth Reach, Parks and Wildlife,Boards Of Works, Chambers of Commerce, Tidy towns Bodies, County councils, OPW, NIEA, with various development plan submissions both oral and written.
  • Linking closely with angling festival development and promotion including I.A.D.A. representation at promotions in the U.K and France.
  • Hosting and promotion of a number of prestige festivals and one day events covering Coarse Pike and game, culminating in an opportunity to bring to Ireland in 2012 The European Police Coarse Angling Championships with 25 international teams participating.
  • The submission with I.A.D.A. approval of thirty applications for alliance members within member clubs to a Private Water Keeper role under section 294 of the Fisheries Consolidation Act.
  • The presentation and adoption of papers on Bio Security, child and vulnerable adult protection policy and procedures and papers on youth development and Coaching

Without a doubt a busy year for the members of I.A.D.A. I for one will be much happier once the Lough Muckno development goes through fully, granting much needed access to the banks. On some what of a negative note however, I'd much rather see more development in the region of a "Catch and Release" policy. While the report states they are lobbying Monaghan County council to pass a bye-law for Lough Muckno to be a catch and release venue only, what of the other river and lake systems in the Cavan/Monaghan region?

Rome was not built in a day, but it seems as if they are choosing their battles for the moment, perhaps with time we will see this issue addressed.

I for one wish the Executive all the best in 2012, and look forward to hearing more from them in the coming months.


The IADA 2011 Annual Report is available here

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